Frequently asked questions

Match Experience

How do I end the match in progress?

To end the match, simply click the BACK arrow located in the upper left corner. On some devices you can also use the Back button on your phone.

I have a feeling that the cards are not well shuffled.

The algorithm by which the cards are shuffled makes the distribution of the cards completely random, but we thank you anyway for the report.

We are constantly working to try to make it even more realistic.

Game Preferences

How can I choose a different deck of cards?

To be able to choose cards simply:

  • Open the Menu (the 3 rows at the top right)
  • Click the Preferred Cards button
  • Select the desired deck.
How can I change the game mode?

To be able to choose the game mode simply:

  • Open the Menu (the 3 lines at the top right)
  • Click the button that shows the game mode (ex: classic – dry hand).
  • Select the desired game mode.

Game Experience

Can I change my avatar?

In the game you can use one of the available avatars, or your Facebook profile picture (by linking your account to Facebook from the “Profile” function).

To change your profile picture simply:

  • Open the Menu (the 3 lines in the upper right corner)
  • Click the Profile button
  • Click the button with the pencil inside the avatar and choose the image to use.
Can I edit my name?

Changing the username is possible from the profile. Changing the name has a cost.


How many experience points do I gain each time I win a game?

Each time you win a game you accumulate about 200 experience points. When you lose a game you accumulate about 10 experience points.

What are Levels used for?

Levels are reached as you accumulate points in the game and are used to identify the player’s experience level. The higher the Level number, the greater the player’s experience. Leveling up allows for certain rewards.


I need coins, how can I do that?
  1. You can go to the Shop, where you will find various products and special offers that will enable you to acquire coins.
  2. Winning games.
  3. Play with the PRIZES AND WIN, accessible from the main page.
  4. Log in to the game each day to gain access to the Prize of the Day.

Login and Facebook

What is the best way to register?

The fastest and easiest way is with the FACEBOOK button.

What is the purpose of logging in with Facebook?

By connecting your account to Facebook you can play with the same account from as many devices as you want. The first time you login with facebook you may receive a prize.

Make sure your phone is logged in to the Facebook application with the correct account

Go to “Profile” and then hit the “Connect to Facebook” button.


If I register with Facebook will you post anything without my consent?

Absolutely NOT. Any sharing on Facebook always requires the player’s approval.

How can I retrieve my Facebook login?

To retrieve data from an old Facebook profile, simply:

  • Make sure your phone is logged in to the FB application with the correct account
  • Open the game
  • Open the Menu (the 3 lines in the upper right corner)
  • Click the Profile button
  • Click the Retrieve Progress button
  • Press the Connect with Facebook button


If this does not work uninstall the game, reinstall it, and repeat the above steps.



What can I do if a player in chat uses inappropriate language?

We are sorry that you have encountered an opponent who you believe has used inappropriate language.

To make a report, you must accurately state the nickname of the player in question and send any pictures if available by contacting us under “Write Us” in the Main Menu.

Please note, however, that chat is OPTIONAL.

The game starts in CLOSED CHAT mode and if you decide to activate it, it is possible that you may encounter players using inappropriate language.

If you prefer to exclude this possibility we suggest that you reset CHAT CLOSED, the game retains all its functionality.

Why does it seem like my opponent always has the best cards?

The game is always absolutely fair, and the distribution of cards is always random.


Do I gain experience points if the opponent abandons the game?

If the opponent abandons the game they are replaced by a bot that replicates their playing ability. The amount of experience points earned depends on the outcome of the game.


Who are the players on the Opponents page?

They are the last 20 players you played with.

Can I prevent some players from inviting me to play?

Certainly, you can put players on the Blocked list. To prevent a player in the future from inviting you to play go to the Opponents section, locate the player, and click the BLOCK button next to their name.


Is there a way to find some players more easily among the Open Tables?

Sure, you can add players to the Favorites list: go to the Opponents section, locate the player and click the ADD button next to his name. On the Open Tables page you can then click the FILTER Tables button and view only the tables opened by your Favorite players.